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Kids Hope is a national mentoring program that matches one church with one school. We are blessed to partner with Lincoln Elementary School in Cadillac. Each mentor is matched with a child, and they meet for one hour per week. Since prayer is an integral part of this ministry, each mentor is supported by a prayer partner.

One Blessing From This Ministry

The blessings in this ministry are many. Each child receives unconditional love and friendship and is excited to spend time each week with their mentor. Mentors see their child’s progress over the year, both academically and socially. One mentor literally followed her child under the table to comfort her during a rough period in her life; after years of friendship with her and her family, this mentor was invited to the wedding of the child’s older sister.


Each mentor commits to spending one hour each week with their student at Lincoln Elementary School, and their prayer partner prays for them. Throughout the year the mentors enjoy a Christmas, ice skating, and end-of-the-year party with the kids.

A Prayer Request

Keep praying for mentors for the students from Lincoln who need mentors. Please pray for these men and women who are being called to be a mentor. The number of students who need a mentor continues to grow.